Managing Director (partner)

With a career spanning Australia and Europe, Per-se-fon-ee  brings nous to NOUS. She knows how to cut to the chase quickly and effectively, bringing out the best in your brand each and every time.


Client Service Director (partner)

A strategic, clear thinker with the experience to back it up, Steven is focussed on reaching our clients’ goals, ensuring that every project delivers to a tee.


Creative Director (partner)

Comes up with the ‘big ideas’ (although we all like to put our two cents in). A “what if?” kind of guy, he likes to explore every possibility. Craig may challenge the brief or the strategy – rest assured it’s for your own good.


Studio Director (partner)

From print design to video and everything in between, Justin is the technical brains of our business. Always calm, he’ll solve a problem without making a big deal of it.


Digital Director (Partner)

Our ‘go-to’ digital guy lured back from London, Brian’s years of international online marketing experience will help keep your brand on top. Managing the NOUS digital offering, he is all about results.


Account Director

With an eye for detail and a love of brands, Amanda will keep you on track and on budget. Her interest in travel and industry knowledge has allowed her to work on major FMCG brands worldwide.


Office Manager

The lynchpin of NOUS, Mandy has an in-depth understanding of our industry. Mandy can handle anything we throw at her, which is really no surprise considering her experience.


Digital Development Manager

Responsive is key to Gary’s management of our digital production. Committed to providing the best solution, Gary ensures NOUS responds on time and on budget.


Production Manager

Reuben eats details for breakfast. On toast. With a side of orange juice. Every job at NOUS benefits from his passion for perfection and vast print and pre-press knowledge.


Performance Media Manager

A strategic thinker that takes pride in creating innovative and accountable digital marketing solutions. Alex delivers tailored campaigns to help you achieve your business’ goals.


SEO Specialist

Saket’s passion is SEO, his talent has delivered results for clients across a diverse range of industries. He brings us the perfect blend of web technology and search marketing solutions.


Senior Web Developer

Innovation is key to David’s pride in developing modern solutions using the latest architecture and best practice web frameworks.


Web Developer

Software engineering. Front-end web development. Is there anything this girl can’t do? With a love for all things code, Sanam will ensure that your site is a visual and user-friendly masterpiece.


Account Manager

With an organised approach to all she does, Sarah is a cup half full kind of person and will ensure the best and most efficient delivery of your job. Need something done with precision?


Account Manager

If Billy is pacing, rubbing his brow and looking stressed, its because he is, but that’s only because he wants to ensure he is delivering the best results for your brand.


Account Executive

Sharp as a tack, Jamie is the force behind the account service team. Always willing to muck in and get the job done she’s the go to gal for proofing – legend has it she’s never let an extra comma slip by.


Senior Designer

Ben lives and breathes every aspect of each design project he works on. And while he relishes the detail, he never loses sight of the big picture, always striving to go the extra mile.


Senior Designer

Total immersion and a decade at NOUS have developed in Jeremy a design approach based on a love of all things illustrative and pragmatic.



Jennifer has her head in the digital sphere and her eye on the latest in design. With her web design background, for anything UI or UX, she’s got U covered.



Our resident wordsmith – Caroline can usually be found crafting copy, but occasionally you’ll catch her putting her extensive design background to use. With these skills she’s always on brand.



As bright and cheery as the flowers on the meeting table. Elouise puts our minds at ease by handling the day-to-day admin stuff, so everyone at NOUS can focus on what they do best.